• The Brady Punch

Tennis fans would recognize Ash Barty as the current #1 player in WTA. But now, more eyes are turning to Jennifer Brady who beat Barty with an upset loss at the Brisbane International

Fans only have one question: Who is Jennifer Brady?

Jennifer Brady ranks #53 in the WTA tournament titles, and her latest achievement is beating Barty, the French Open champion, at the Pat Rafter Arena. Prior to her match with Bart, Brady already had to face Maria Sharapova in the first round.

Brady’s practice hit with Barty earlier that week gave her confidence and contributed to her biggest game yet. In the game, she made sure that she her swings were hard and constant. Brady realized how important her baseline game was.

Brady’s confidence in herself and recognizing the possibility of wining against Barty fueled her more during their match. Even if she had not won, Brady would have been proud of herself for doing her best to win the game.

Meanwhile, Barty, despite her loss, applauds Brady for her great gameplay. Bart failed a number of second-serve returns, whereas Brady continued showing confidence in her play. Both factors contributed to the unexpected outcome of their match.


Serena Williams is already a legendary tennis, and Coco Gauff is a child prodigy slowly advancing to the level of the greats. Of course, avid tennis fans cannot wait until these great female players face off in the court. However, fans may have to wait for a little longer as given the recent outcomes in both payers’ matches.

First, Serena beat Christina McHale, giving her a ticket to the Auckland quarterfinals. However, Coco failed in her match again Laura Siegemund. Although Coco showed that she was more than capable of battling it off with Laura, the latter proved that she still got game and emerged as the winner of their match.

Although she won the match, Laura recognized how tough Coco as an opponent. If it weren’t for Coco’s misses and Laura’s eventual improvement in the game, the outcome would have been possibly different. Overall, Laura, who is set to play in the Australian Open, was very satisfied with their match.

So, in the end, instead of Coco, Serena will engage in a quarterfinals match with Laure Siegemund. It would be the second time that these players will face off.

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