If there’s one thing that can make a tennis not only great but also especially memorable, that would be their signature shot. Truly, tennis players who made history are known for making shots that can make or break a match. Over the years, as more players mark their name in this sport, the remarkable list of signature tennis shots, from the borderline annoying to downright hilarious, has just grown longer and become more interesting at the very least. Some of these shots are as follows:


Nick Kyrgios is a naughty, naughty boy. The player has been known for his underarm serve, which is really not technically violation, that really annoys his opponent whenever he uses it. This shot has been condemned by critics, claiming that it is disrespectful of the game. Still, for others, as long as no rule is violated, there’s nothing wrong with such a shot.


Harold Solomon might have been lacking when it comes to speed and power, but he could deliver moonballs, which included long rallies with huge, looping shots with full topspin, for a really, really long time. He used this shot to force his opponents into hitting a front court shot, which he would then take advantage of with outstanding crosscourt placement.

Many have fallen to del Potro’s inside-in forehand. His height gives him an advantage in stepping around his backhand to get to his forehand, allowing him to bring the ball back down the line, a movement that cannot be achieved by just any player.

Nadal is not the first player to use the skyhook, but his version is one of the greatest. He makes his skyhook shot with an intense whipping motion that turns tables during matches, setting the opponents in the run after a brief moment of basking in the glory of their lob shot.

Forehand slice might have been a myth if the world had not witness Agnieszka Radwanska using it. She stunned a number of opponents with this shot, which surely contributed to her flourishing 14-year tennis career. One of the rarest shots by far, the forehand slice can only be done when starting from a crouched position to be able to make contact with the ball.

As it turns out, tennis shots include not only the basics. In the course of tennis history, legendary players utilized their own techniques to create fast, powerful, or striking shots that brought them a step closer in achieving their goals inside the court.

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