No tennis player would engage in a match without warming up. In fact, athletes of every kind recognize the importance of doing warm up exercises before they participate in any event or training. Warm ups play an crucial role in preventing injuries among players and in loosening and preparing the body for high-intensity activities such as tennis. For tennis players, some of the most common warm up exercises comprise the following:

Tennis requires intense footwork as well as agile arms. To warm up the limbs, tennis players can jog back and forth between the double lines while swinging both arms forward in circles.

This warm is normally done at the doubles line. The player lifts their arms to shoulder height while trying to reach the sides. At the same time, the player must shuffle across the court while swinging the arms back and forth. This hug-like routine is meant to loosen up the muscles in the shoulders.

For carioca drills, the starting position is going low with the feet shoulder-length part. Then the left is brought and crossed behind the right foot. Next, the same step is done for the left foot. These alternate movements are performed in a straight line. Carioca drills improve balance, strengthen the body position, and work excellently in loosening up joints.

The knee hug lunge can be done by starting at the doubles sideline. The player lifts one knee and raises it toward the chest. While holding the knee, the other leg is raised until the players is standing on his toes. Next, the player releases his leg while taking a large step forward similar to a lunge. The position is held for about 3 seconds before switching and continuing the routine forward.

Leg cradle is best done on the doubles line across the court. The player is instructed to stand on one leg while lifting the other. The lifted knee is turned outward while lifting at the ankle. After cradling the leg, it is released and the stepped forward similar to a lunge. The process is repeated using the other leg.

Lateral lunge starts with a large sideway step while keeping the hips down and maintaining a forward posture. Then the right knee is bent, whereas the left one is kept straight. The stretched position is held for several seconds before returning to the upright position. Then the process is repeated but with the use of the opposite leg.

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