Novak Djokovic will always make it to any list of top tennis players. This Serbian tennis player is most notably known for his first Grand Slam championships in 2008 and as being the #1 tennis player in the world in 2011.

Early Start

Djokovic’s career in tennis can be traced back to his childhood. He was already engaged in the game by age 4. At 13, Djokovic went to Germany to train. He eventually won the Australian Open in 2008 and won his first Davis Cup with his Serbian international team in 2010. A year after, Djokovic would bag 3 Grand Slam championships and achieve the coveted world’s # ranking. He won the French Open for the first time in 2016.

Career Spotlight

At 14 years old, Djokovic had already won European competitions in the singles, doubles, and team categories. He was also a silver medalist at the World Junior Championship. At 16, he reached the #40 spot in the best junior tennis players in the world. He joined the ATP Challenger tournament in 2004 as qualifier and won. Then, he joined Wimbledon and reached the third round.

Djokovic managed to reach the semifinals round in both the French Open and Wimbledon in 2007. Then he beat great legends, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Roddick, for the Master title in Montreal. He bagged a bronze medal for Serbia in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Joining the Serbian national team, Djokovic contributed in earning the first Davis Cup Trophy for his country. With his 43 match wins in a row and championship wins at the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and US Open, Djokovic emerged as the world’s #1 tennis player in 2011.

In the following years, Djokovic would continue winning a number of tournaments, although he inevitably faced some losses to other great tennis players.

Losing to injury and getting back into the game

In 2017, Djokovic hired Andre Agassi as his new coach. This new mentorship led to his win at the Eastbourne International tournament. However, after the Wimbledon quarterfinals, he took a break because of his injured right elbow.

His injury and loss at the 2018 Australian Open would prompt Djokovic to undergo surgery. Afterward, Djokovic slowly found his footing again and won tournaments again, including the Wimbledon and US Open. His latest wins include the 2019 Australian Open singles, which he won against Nadal, and the Wimbledon (vs Federer).

Growing in a war-stricken country, Djokovic realized that tennis may be his way out of their chaotic life. His dedication and passion for tennis proved to be important tools in reaching his dream and becoming one of the greatest tennis players in the world.

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