Tennis is one of the most competitive and intense sports. It’s no wonder that millions of fans all over the world anticipate matches, especially those of the greatest tennis players. Over the years, the world has witnessed a number of unforgettable matches that not only broke records and made new ones, but also left stories of triumph and loss that would last forever.

In 2015, Stanislas Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic faced off as newcomers in the Roland Garros finals. Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, whereas Wawrinka prevailed over Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga in the semi-finals, surprising the audiences with an unexpected set of players battling for the championship title. In the end, Wawrinka won the championships, showing his remarkable down-the-line one-handers and forehands, although Djokovic proved that his forehands were forces to be hold.

Rumor has it that Roger Federer was the only player capable of preventing Andy Roddick from getting Grand Slam titles, just like what happened in 2003 onwards. Federer won Wimbledon against Riddick in 2004 and 2005 as well as the US Open in 2006. Federer’s winning streak against Riddick would continue until 2007 and 2009 in the semifinals of the Australian Open.

However, in 2009, tables turned when Roddick finally gained the chance to beat Federer in the Wimbledon finals. With the games lasting until the fifth set, both players showed their hunger to win the championship, although the stars were written for Riddick at the time.

During the era of Roger Federer, one player, Rafael Nadal, emerged as one of the few who can actually face off the former in a serious game. However, Nadal was about to face another left-handed Spaniard, Fernando Velasco, was determined to show the world that there could only be one ace tennis player for Spain.

The two Spanish players battled it out in court, with the game lasting for five sets. Verdasco had the upper hand at the beginning of the game, whereas Nadal was forced to up his game to cope up with  Verdasco’s tenacity. Then, Nadal did his famous banana shot, which would change the tides for both players. Nadal would continue playing with his seemingly endless energy and determination until Verdasco finally submitted to fatigue, losing to Nadal in one of the most exciting tennis matches of all time.

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