The performance of tennis players inside the court not only depends on their skills and movement. Diet also significantly contributes by providing the body with sufficient energy and nutrients to last a tennis match that can last for house. Diet also plays an important role in the recovery of players after a match. Thus, tennis players only eat diet that can aid in the repair of their muscles and connective tissues.

Every tennis fan knows how exhausting the game can be, leaving the players sore and feeling fatigued afterwards. Realizing the importance of post-game recovery, tennis players now also pay attention to their fitness and diet and if necessary, seek the help of experts to help them in their diet plans.

Thus, when it comes to the diet of tennis players, several factors must be considered:

Food Planning

A proper diet for tennis players requires planning. Each meal should contain high amounts of carbohydrates, palm-size amount of proteins, and a small amount of fat. Meals should be eaten 2−3 hours before a match to allow the proper digestion of food and absorption of the nutrients. In some cases, players eat high-carb snacks 1 hour before the game for additional energy.

After a tennis match, glycogen supply in muscles and livers must be restored, whereas electrolytes and fluids must be resupplied. Post-match recovery should go well when complemented with a high-protein snack, which should be consumed 30 minutes after the match or workout.

For meals after a match, the food ratio should be 4:1 carbohydrates and proteins. Thus, it is imperative that food labels and/or nutrition content should be assessed prior to serving. Other players prepare a protein powder smoothie or eat fruits to reach the target food ratio.

Sport Drinks for Tennis

For tennis players, coconut water is one of the most recommended drink and a good replacement for juice, soda, or sports drink. Coconut water performs well in hydrating the body.

Meanwhile, water is advised for players who train for 30 mins a day at moderate to high intensity. However, for training that lasts for 60 mins or longer, coconut water is the best liquid to drink for resupplying body fluids.

Coconut water is highly recommended for tennis players because it contains abundant amounts of electrolytes and sodium. This liquid also shows high similarity with blood plasma and is highly compatible with the human body.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Finally, despite eating the necessarily health foods, tennis players may require additional supplement for essential nutrients needed by the body. The common supplements recommended tennis players include magnesium, fish oil, vitamin C, and zinc.

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