Cori “Coco” Gauff is gaining more attention with each passing day. This 15-year-old girl is not your typical high school student. Coco is surely more than an adolescent trying to pass her subjects or trying  out for a sports team. At her young age, Coco is making heads turn with her tennis skills.

Coco’s first win was at age 8, when she won a national tennis event. Her gameplay just became much better over the years. She kept on breaking boundaries, just like her wild card entry into the Miami Open. The tournament, which just experienced a major overhaul, was held at the Miami Dolphin’s Hard Rock Stadium for the first time.

Supporting her in this new journey was the Barilla Group, which is Coco’s latest endorsement partner. Their collaboration would lead to a patch on Coco’s shirt in the event. Aside from the Barilla Group, Coco also signed deals with other big industry names, such as New Balance, which won Coco’s signature after a bid that also involved Nike, and the racket maker Head.

If she keeps her excellent performance up, Coco is set to receive a number of performance bonuses and base guarantees. Overall, last year, Coco might have earned more than $1 million from her endorsements. Such achievement is commendable, especially for a player who has not joined the WTA Tour’s ITF developmental circuit yet. Her 2019 earnings also landed Coco among the top ranking female tennis players.

There is no doubt that various companies recognize Cocos’ potential, and maybe in several years, she will become eligible to replace Serena and Venus Williams in court. Marketing wise, Coco already has what it takes, but in the world of tennis, there are so much things that she can improve on over the years.

Coco does not need to try hard to impress endorsers and fans. This young and talented skilled player is the youngest tennis player to compete in the finals of the US open. She also already has a junior Grand Slam title and a French Open win to her name. In fact, she’s the youngest junior world player to reach the #1 spot in history. Maybe in a few years, tennis fans will finally able to bear witness at Coco’s excellent performance inside the adult court.

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