Tennis is a tough game to play. With the intense shots and constant movement around the court, this sport has created a need for shoes that players can wear to get on their best game. Over the years, various brands have designed tennis shoes that give players comfort and support while facing their opponents inside the court. However, players encounter the challenge of choosing the right pair for them. So, the real question is, what are the factors to consider when buying tennis shoes?


The male and female anatomies differ greatly, and it is no different when it comes to the feet. Thus, it is imperative that player select shoes that are made for their gender. Notably, all tennis shoes, whether for men or women, should offer comfort and support but with the right traction.


Shoelaces may just be the most taken for granted part of shoes, but in tennis shoes, they have their important role. Importantly, shoelaces in tennis shoes should be tied in manner that can relieve pain and other foot problems. But basically, tennis shoes are laced from the eyelets closest to the toes to the tongue. Although the crisscross method is the most basic way of tying shoelaces, there are other types used for different kinds of feet.

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Tennis shoes should primarily be made for support and comfort, especially when tennis requires extreme footwork. Ideally, a gap of 3/8 of an inch should exist between the big toe and the end of the sneaker. The heel should be tight enough to prevent the shoe from slipping up and down.


The last a tennis player wants happening the court is to slip. In most cases, tennis shoes are customized to be non-slip in tennis courts, such as gray or clay court, though the non-slip feature may not apply to other types of surfaces.


The constant running, stopping, and turning can really take a toll on tennis shoes. Thus, tennis players should select a pair that is likely to last for a long time when used in court. Different brands of shoes constantly add new development and technology in their products. Thus, tennis players should check which added feature can satisfy their needs while in the game.

In the end, when buying tennis shoes, it all boils down to the pair that can give the utmost benefits to the user. Although there are a number of trusted brands out there, tennis players should settle for the shoes that can offer excellent comfort and support as well as consistent protection for their feet.

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