Tennis is a world-renowned sport, and tennis players are constantly garnering millions of fans around the world. Given their popularity, is not surprising that tennis players get recognized by tennis enthusiast. However, a number of people have been exposed to the reality that not all players deserve their respect in real life. In fact, several tennis players have gained rather infamous for their rude behavior outside the court.

Sania Mirza is already a celebrity in India. She’s a popular ad endorser and is frequently spotted among elite people. However, some claims indicate that her popularity just blew up her ego and changed her personality for the worse. Others say that she has an attitude problem and notably rude to fans. Although Sania appears like an angel inside the court, her attitude in real-life may need some more polishing.

The list of Nick Kyrgios rude misgiving is long enough to make any person wonder what’s wrong with him. There is no doubt that he is a great player, but in every game, he is bound to irritate a person or two. He may be young and need further guidance, but in reality, Kyrgios should start looking at himself and how his personality impacts other people.

Alexander Zverev may be young and bold and notably loud at times, but he could do better when it comes to respecting other people. He has overstepped boundaries in various occasions, showing disrespect to umpires, fans, tournament officials, and even sponsors. He is also known for smashing his racket, which only ends up in more trouble for him. And truthfully, tennis fans are getting tired of seeing this man-child disturb others with his tantrums.

Maria Sharapova gained quite the disapproval of fans when she got caught in a doping controversy. However, in general, a lot of people think that Sharapova just lacks proper attitude when she’s with other people. She tends to appear arrogant and has an aura of superiority that irate others. Furthermore, a number of tennis enthusiast note that Sharapova is more interested on the business side of tennis and not on the sport itself.

In the end, it is not only the skills in court that make a tennis player great. A desirable attitude is a great factor. A player can win in court with his skills, but only a compassionate and respectful attitude can forever win the hearts of fans anywhere in the world.

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