When it comes to any kind of great tennis players, Roger Federer would surely make the list. The Swiss tennis player is one of the most renowned in the world of tennis in the early 21st century. His fame stems from his excellent skills and gameplay, which earned him more than 20 men’s singles Grand Slam Championship. At the moment, his wins rank number 1 in tennis history.

Federer first started playing tennis when he was 8 years hold. After winning the Wimbledon junior single, he won the Orange Bowl junior tournament in Miami. It was not long after Federer played for the Swiss Davis Cup team, making the youngest tennis player among the world’s top 100 at the age of 18 years old.

Federer reached the bronze medal match at the 2000 Olympic Games and the Wimbledon quarterfinals the following year. In 2002, he ranked #6 among the best tennis players in the world. Federer’s first Grand Slam win occurred in 2003 at Wimbledon. This success would be followed by his wins at his first Australian and US Open. In 2004, his remarkable shots won him 11 out of 17 tournaments and expectedly coveted the top rank in the world. In the next few years, his wins would only grow in number. He triumphed from tournament to tournament, including the Wimbledon and the US Open in 2005 and the Australian and US Opens and Wimbledon in 2006.

However, Federer’s winning streak was tarnished by his defeat by Rafael Nadal at the French Open in 2006. He won the Australian Open in the same year. Federer faced Nadal again at the Wimbledon in 2007 and finally defeated the man. However, the tides turned against him in the following year, when Nadal defeated him at the Wimbledon finals.

Federer also participated in doubles games. He and his partner, Stan Wawrinka, won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. However, in that same year, he was beaten by Nadal as the world’s #1 tennis player.

Federer’s luck in the French Open happened in 2009. He won his 14th Grand Slam title during the tournament, and it was followed by his win against Andy Roddick at the Wimbledon championship.

Over the years, Federer continued in winning various tournaments around the world. However, he still faced obstacles like a persistent knee injury, which forced him to withdraw from the 2016 Wimbledon semifinals and losing to Novak Djokovic at the 2019 French Open after a grueling 4-hour 57-minute match.

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