Tennis is a highly active sport that involves substantial amount of running and various movements. This activity involves hitting the tennis with a racket and trying to land it to the other side of the court without the opponent being able to hit the ball back. Tennis can be played using four basic styles. Each style can be used as a strategy to win a match. Correspondingly, tennis players can also learn the techniques on how to beat these styles in a game.

Four styles of tennis play include the following:

  • Aggressive Baseliner

The aggressive baseliner is basically those who want to control the game. This style depends on the strength of groundstroke, which will dictate the opponent’s movements in the court. Aggressive baseline players are known for their strong forehand and most of the time, also their backhand. Tennis pros can use their knowledge of court geometry to hit angled shots. Aggressive baseliners are also risk-takers who are not afraid of making risky shots to get some scores.

Notably, aggressive baseliners are weak at volley shots and hitting the ball near the net.

  • Serve-and-Volleyer

Players who prefer the serve-and-volley style will surprise their opponents with a net attack after their serve. The opponent can only wonder when serve-and-volleyers will come up near the net after their return of serve. The order of the shots normally starts with serve, a volley, and then a finishing volley to score. Players who use this style are rare these days, but they had their high time during the time of grass courts and wooden racquets. However, these players can be tough opponents in the court.

  • Counterpuncher

Tennis players who are counterpunchers or pushers are always on the defense. They are very calculative with their shots and normally hit them without error. They are very meticulous and realize that they can lose points with every error they make. Thus, they will only go for shots that would surely earn them points. Counterpunchers are most likely to wait for their opponents to get tired or make a mistake. Their strengths include deep shots, lobs, and ball placing.

  • All-Court Player

The all-court player is like a jack-of-all trades in tennis. They can use different shots, including ground shots, volleys, drop-shots, and lobs, to determine the weakness of their assignments. Still, despite their skills in a wide array of shots, all-court players normally do not have a signature shot that can take the opponent by surprise.

Tennis is not all about hitting the ball. It requires certain style and strategy to last in a game and gain a chance to beat the enemy. Tennis players can try the various styles and use the one that best suits them in a match, Notably, they can also study the styles used by their opponents to come with a strategy to beat them.

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