Davis Cup and ATP Cup have recently just concluded. Both are highly anticipated tennis events attended by a number of fans and watched all over the world. However, with both cups happening within 10 days, it seems that players may just be experiencing burnout. Well, at least as implied by Rafael Nadal in his opinions about participating in both event.

Davis Cup and ATP Cup were both joined by tennis players from Spain and Australia. Despite the remarkable performance, players from both countries could have done better, especially in Australia, which is currently in the middle of a great calamity.

According to Nadal, who won 8 games in the Davis Cup but lost to Novak Djokovic in his second singles, playing two world cups is not really health for everyone involved in the games. He implored that ITF and AFP should collaborate to create a larger tennis world cup competition. He reiterated that holding such events within days of each other may cause confusion for the fans. Thus, the players, organizers, and other tennis personnel should fix this looming problem about the sport.

However, achieving such a goal is still a long way if people would continue on thinking only about themselves and what they can gain instead of compromising to reach a deal that would benefit more people.

In Australia, despite being a country with a passion for sports, the unstopping fires that are currently damaging the country, distracting fans from showing support for their favorite tennis players. Meanwhile, in the Davis Cup (now the World Cup of Tennis), 18 countries had to make do in three courts in Madrid. As a result, a number of matches finished at a very late hour. Although numerous fans attended the Davis Cup, the number might be lower than that observed in the ATP Cup.

These shortcomings noted in the two biggest tennis events in the world prove that there is still much to do in order to hold a seamless and spectacular tennis cup. Whether making a super world cup can resolve such issues remains to be seen. But first, various tennis organizations, with help of players, fans, and other people, should set aside their differences and work together and come up with ways to preserve the spirit and honor of tennis as a sport.

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