The worlds of computer technology and tennis come together for unexpected team up to big personalities, namely, Bill Gates and Roger Federer, who would play doubles for an exhibition match, Match in Africa, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The two will face off with another set of icons, including Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah. Then, after the exhibition match is a face-off between the two tennis champions. The charity event aims at garnering funds for the benefit of Federer’s charitable foundation, which has already sponsored the education of 1.5 million children in six African countries and Switzerland.

Gates is not new to this charity event. He was also a participant in the 2017 Match for Africa that was held in Seattle. Also partnering with Federer at that time, the event managed to raise $2 million for Federer’s foundation. Then, in 2018, Gates played for a match in Silicon Valley. The event raise over $2.5 million. The upcoming Match for Africa is the first to be held in the country, and the arena, with a capacity of more than 50,000 seats, is expected to be filled to reach world record for the most number of spectators for a tennis match.

Gates is obviously excited for the game and cannot wait to share the court Federer to beat the team-up of Nadal and Noah. The Microsoft co-founder applauds Federer’s advocacy and partnership with local NGOs to improve early learning and basic education amount countries in southern Africa. He implores the fans and basically everyone to support the legendary players in his charitable work.

The Roger Federer Foundation was established in 2003 with the primary goal of empowering children through education and allowing them to shape their own future. With its collaboration with local organizations, the foundation aims to develop solutions for the current problems in early childhood education. To date, the foundation is running various educational institutions in several African countries and Switzerland.

Federer cannot contain his excitement for the exhibition match. It will be an honor for him to play in his mother’s home country. He is also proud that he and his rival and good friend Nadal will be able to play for their fans in Africa for a  good cause.

With this upcoming charity match, many are waiting to see whether Gate’s and Federer’s 2–0 record will finally be broken.

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