A successful tennis game is not only about the skills of the players or the court where the game is held. The kind of tennis racket used is also a great factor that can help a player in winning the game. Thus, whether amateur or pro, tennis players should take some to review some of the considered best tennis rackets to date.

There three primary things that make Babolat Pure Strike a remarkable tennis racket: woofer, hybrid frame construction, and FSI Power technology. This racket is very easy to use, especially for groundstrokes and transitions for volleying. Pure Strike also delivers high power with its 16 x 19 string pattern and a slightly more flexible frame compared with other Babolat rackets. With Babolat Pure Strike, doing a quick return and pulling the racket fast should not be a problem.

Babolat Pure Aero is highly recommended by the great player Rafael Nadal. With its reduced stiffness (67) and Active Cortex Technology, the player will feel less shock and vibration from the top of the rackets handle. The racket also comes with an open 16 x 19 string pattern and FSI Spon technology for additional spacing between #5 and #12 cross string. The wider oval grommets installed in Pure Aero enable free movement of the strings and their quick return to their original position. With its Aeromular design, the racket features a frame with varying shape and form for rapid swinging through the air, making it a great tool for achieving topspin and grinding.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is the more awesome version of Wilson Pro Staff 97. The racket is especially regarded for its graphite construction, thin beam, head light balance, and unique torsion control system. The small 97 square inch head and 12.6 ounce strung weight make the racket highly controllable, which is favored by intermediate to advanced players. Aesthetically, RF97 Autography comes with a sleek matte black velvet finish, chrome highlights and laser engravings. Those who have experienced using the racket noted its excellence performance in control, effortless volleys, and powerful slice.

For excellent control and optimal hitting experience, Yonex EZONE DR may just be one of the best candidates. The racket is equipped with a Nanometric DR carbon graphite that adds flexibility to the frame all the while allowing it to snap back into place. The oval pressed shaft system is another feature for improved flexibility. Compared with other tennis rackets, EZONE DR has 48% greater size for the hitting spot thanks to its isometric square head. Finally, the user will feel less vibration and more comfort while using the racket because of its Quake Shut Gel technology.

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