Whether playing alone or with a partner, tennis is a highly active and movement-laden activity. It is not only a sport but a hobby that offers health benefits to the body. With the following health benefits of tennis, it is not surprising that a lot of people, whether young or old, engage in this sports.

  • Full body workout

Those who are not fans of going to the gym to workout can just play tennis instead. This sport engages the entire body, requiring various movements, such as running, stopping and starting, jumping, and crouching. Using the racket to hit the tennis balls also necessitates the strong movements of various body parts, including the shoulders, upper back, arms, and trunk.

  • Aerobic and anaerobic benefits

Tennis is a great way to improve oxygen intake of the body. This activity also increases the heart rate and improves the transport of oxygen and nutrients to muscle. Tennis can also contribute in the development of capillaries and capillary beds in the muscles to improve blood supply and flow. As a result, the muscles can perform well even during fatigue. Anaerobically, tennis helps in the efficient utilization of oxygen by the muscles and acquiring bursts of energy for powerful and quick, reactive movements.

Need to lose some weight? Then maybe it’s time to enroll in a tennis program. With movements including running, swinging, reaching, and pivoting, tennis is a sport that is more or less synonymous with workout. Playing tennis can burn high amounts of calories compared with other physical activities, such as cycling, weightlifting, golfing, dancing, and volleyball. With a singles match, a person can burn 400–600 calories per hour.

  • Bone health

Aside from muscles, tennis has also been proven to be beneficial to the bones. Tennis can increase peak bone mass and slow down bone mass loss. Tennis has also been cited by the National Institutes of Health as a one of the weight-bearing activities that can aid in strengthening the bones.

  • Heart health

Tennis requires rapid anaerobic movements, and it can burn fat, increase the heart rate, and promote high energy levels. A tennis match lasting from 1 to 2 hours is good for the heart and can aid in lowering the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

As a final word, there is no doubt that tennis is a health activity that bring upon various benefits. This sport is not only a past time and a profession but also an optimal choice for achieving a health and well-rounded body.

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