Australian Open is one of the hottest tennis tournaments waited for by fans every year. The event precedes the other three Grand Slam tennis events, including the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. This year, with the whole world watching, the Australian Open semifinals was turned upside down when Dominic Thiem of Austria beat the legend Rafael Nadal in their four-set match

The Australian Open was not the first time the two players would face each other in court. Thiem had already faced Nadal in the past two French Open finals though he lost to Nadal in both instance. However, Thiem’s stroke of luck had changed finally.

Winning against Nadal wasn’t easy though. Thiem lost a serve in the fourth set, and several errors and a double fault seemed to rattle his confidence inside the court. However, his strong will to win kept his head leveled while waiting for his moment during the game.

There is no doubt that Thiem deserves a title. He reached the level where he can play head on against legends like Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer, but the championship trophy slipped his hands after facing off with Nadal at the Roland Garros finals. Still, Thiem also achieved great progress in the world of tennis, including the Indian Wells title which he won last year.

Thiem basically gave Nadal a hard time with his groundstrokes. The latter notably became weaker throughout the game, whereas the former made wrong decisions that put him at a disadvantage. If it weren’t for Nadals net-cord incident, Thiem might have lost the game already.

Obviously, Nadal was feeling lost, confused, and angry. The player incurred a time violation and even exchanged some words with the umpire. Furthermore, Nadal complained about a number of things, such as his chair. As a result, Nadal only became more anxious, which affected his gameplay. Meanwhile, Thiem found his footing and triumphed over the next killer consumer.

Thus, in the end, luck is in favor of Thiem. His win is proof that Thiem has what it takes to become a legend, following the footsteps of other iconic tennis players around the word. Who knows, this achievement might just be the start of a great legacy.

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