The greatest tennis players have millions of fans in the world that they can be considered celebrities in their own field. Notably, a number of tennis enthusiasts have encountered their tennis idols at one point in their life, and while news of snobbishness or rude behavior of tennis players pop up frequently, several legends prove that they are worthy of the glory they receive. Not only these players show their strength and skills inside the court, they also show why they are greatly loved by their fans even when not playing.

He looks fierce, and his reputation in court is not that good either. But, in real life, Andy is a perfect family man and very accommodating to his fans. One should notice that he hasn’t been in a big scandal ever. Furthermore, he supports charity, and he is very acceptable with the outcomes of his matches.

Roger Federer makes history not only in the world of tennis but also with his other passions, including helping people and doing charity work. He also spends time with his fans and has no problem mingling with the crowds. Federer is also known for his kind and courteous attitude in life.

A sweetheart inside out. The kindness in Eugenie Bouchard’s face extends to her heart. She doesn’t care about money and fame and is content with just being with her friends and family. Her positive spirit is contagious, and she’s known for supporting charities and her fans.

  • Petra Kvitova

Petra had a hard time adjusting to fame, but her confidence eventually came out. Now, fans can see her sweet personality, which makes them love her even more. She is so loved by many that even the news of her injury broke the hearts of her fans.

Fans have already seen it all with Serena Williams: her greatness, her controversies, how she got angry inside the court. She had her not-so-good moments, but many still consider her a great model tennis player. She’s comfortable with her fame and take advantage of it to promote her ideals, most notable regarding equal pay for male and female tennis players. She’s also an advocate of a number of things and is known to support women of color through career opportunities.

Great tennis players deserve the fame and attention of people, but a number of them doesn’t let it get to their head. Instead, they use such opportunity to set example for others, to help those in need, and to pursue their advocacies in life.

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