Federer, Nadal, Djokovic. These are just some of the most common names occupying the top ranks in the world of tennis today. However, fans are always on the lookout for new champion blood, and Tennys Sandgren is a noteworthy candidate.

Sandgren recently faced to losses in his career: the Australian Open against Federer and New York Open against Steve Johnson. But the scores proved that Sandgren was not too far behind his opponents when it comes to playing inside the court.

During his match with Federer, Sandgren had three match points, but Federer was just a really tough opponent. Ultimately, Sandgren lost the chance of winning his first Grand Slam semifinals. Still, it should be noted that he was battling against a world champion and an undeniably legendary tennis player.

Notably, Sandgren still received support form fans and other players after his loss. Fans recognized how Sandgren did well in his match with Federer, whereas fellow tennis players empathize with his frustration in losing to a game that could be very important in his career.

Sandgren thinks that a lot of people can relate to him as a regular tennis player doing his best to reach the top. Still he is quite disappointed with the outcome of his match against Federer. He admitted that it was due to mistake on his end. Furthermore, Federer read some of Sandgren’s shots and gracefully made his own points.

With his loss to Federer, Sandgren would have to wait for another opportunity to face of Djokovic. He last faced off with Djokovic in the 2018 US Open. Sandgren thinks that he could have won against Djokovic if it weren’t for the weather. Plus, Djokovic surprised him with his stamina in their last remaining sets. Djokovic’s unique take on hitting the ball is also commendable and is something that can truly rattle a player in court.

Despite the defeats, Sandgren has only grown as a player in the past few years. He was included in the Top 100 in 2017, ranking at #96 in the ATP Rankings. In the same year, he played major at the French Open, albeit as a wildcard.

Then, in 2018, Sandgren rose to #61 rank, thanks to his wins against Stan Wawrinka and Dominic Thiem as made his way to his first Australian Open quarterfinal. The following year, he became #41 in world rankings and won his first ATP tournament in Auckland. Sandgren’s career in 2019 concluded with 16th round at Wimbledon and #68 ranking.

Currently ranking #53, at the age of 28, a lot of things still can still happen with Sandgren’s career. He is eagerly awaiting his turn in various tournaments, and hopefully, in the coming years, people can see him further rise in rankings. Who knows, the next legend in tennis may just be waiting for his chance to shine.

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